Masters Theses (Chair)

Matthew Curry (competed 2010)

Are Ballers Scholars? Community College Student Athletes’ Academic Performance

Juli Simon-Thomas (completed 2011)

The Importance of Peers and Role Models for Adolescent Girls

Annie Lee (completed 2013)

Testing the Double Jeopardy Hypothesis: Obesity and Hypertension in Aging Racial Minorities

Ravaris Moore (completed 2013)

Mechanisms that Link Violence Exposure to High School Academic Achievement

Danielle Callendar (completed 2015)

Effects of Elite College Completion on Job Quality

Amber Villalobos (completed 2015)

Teacher Social Origins and Student Success: The Effect of Teacher Race and Socioeconomic Background on Teacher Perceptions of Students and Student Achievement

Ryan Cho (completed 2016)

Disaggregating Intergenerational Education Effects: Does Mother’s or Father’s Education Matter More for Children’s Attainment?

Caitlin Ahearn (completed 2018)

 Adolescent Occupational Direction: How Families and Schools Shape Aligned Adolescent Expectations

Pablo Geraldo (completed 2019)

Primary and Secondary Effects of Vocational Tracking: Evidence from Chile

Bowei Hu (in progress)

Ph.D. Dissertations (Chair)

Shabnam Shenasi (co-chair) (completed 2014; Statistician, U.S. Census Bureau)

Ethnic Visibility, Context, and Xenophobia: A European Perspective

Yool Choi (completed 2014; Assistant Professor of Social Studies, Korean National University of Education)

Educational Expansion and Persistent Inequality: The Effects of Extracurricular Activities on Educational and Labor Market Outcomes

Juli Simon-Thomas (completed 2015; Bell Fellow, Harvard University)

The Effects of Changes in Parental Jobs, Partnership Statuses, and Residence on Children’s Educational Attainment

Yelizavetta Kofman (completed 2015; Sociologist, Unitive Software)

The Effects of Precarious Employment on the Transition to Adulthood and Political Participation

Matthew Curry (completed 2016; Research Fellow, Melbourne Institute for Applied Economic and Social Research, University of Melbourne)

The Returns to Higher Education in Economic Recessions

Annie Lee (completed 2018; Research Project Director, UCLA Division of General Internal Medicine and Health Services Research)

Divergent Paths to Elite Degrees: An Examination of the Factors Impacting Attrition among Minority Students Enrolled in Elite Colleges in the U.S.

Ravaris Moore (completed 2018; Assistant Professor of Sociology, Loyola Marymount University)

The Effects of Student Exposure to Crime and Violence on Educational Attainment and Subject Proficiency among California Public School Students

Amber Villalobos (in progress)

Expectations and Attainment in the Era of High Expectations: The Effects of Adolescent Plans on Educational and Occupational Attainment

John Sullivan (in progress)

Structure and Segregation: The Importance of Age Structure in Households, Neighborhoods and the Population for Residential Patterns in the United States, 1940 – 2015

Ryan Cho (in progress)

Caitlin Ahearn (in progress)